Business Immigration

Long-term and unlimited residency permits in Germany

KAGAN Assets offers business immigration services for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Our packages include “all-inclusive” solutions and legal support throughout the entire process. We cooperate closely with established specialists in Munich and Berlin. The programmes offered have been tested over years and have been proved to be working given all necessary requirements are met by the applicant. 

Please consider that prices are per family (married couples and children under 18) and depend on the individual circumstances of each case. Prices include only our remuneration.  Additional fees for required insurances, visa fees, travel expenses etc. will apply.

Prior to the start of each program, an one-hour consultation with our German lawyers is mandatory.



Immigration for financially-independent individuals
Prices on request


  • Requires a minimum seven-figure investment in Germany (exact size depending on the number of family members) and the acquisition of real estate.

  • No employment in Germany allowed, however, the applicant can freely invest in and open companies within the country, receive payouts from such businesses and work abroad.

  • No minimum period of stay in Germany.

  • Spouses and family members can live and study in Germany.

  • Unlimited residence permit will be obtained after five years if all requirements are met. Prior to the obtainment of the unlimited residence visa, limited permits for 1-4 years will be issued and renewed.

  • Perfect program for investors, financially independent individuals and retired professionals. 


Business immigration 

Prices on request

  • Several business migration models available, incl. EU-Blue Card visa.

  • University degree of at least one adult family member or professional specialization is required.

  • Depending on the migration model, permanent residency can be obtained after 21-33 months if certain requirements are met. In other cases, unlimited residency can only be obtained approximately after five years.

  • Labour permit for applicant and spouses and children.

  • Unlimited residency for spouses can only be issued after five years. 

  • Possible requirement to register a German company: please note that the minimum share capital for a German LLC is 25.000,00 EUR, additional fees for notaries etc. will apply.

  • Foreign shareholders and partner-companies are allowed, the company can engage in international business activities.

Prices on request 

  • Acquire citizenships of Caribbean states such as Antigua & Barbuda through "Citizenship by Investment" programs.  

  • Most Caribbean states do not require you to renounce your existing citizenship.

  • Obvious advantages regarding visa-free travels and international businesses transactions.

  • There is No minimum length of stay or need to permanently live in the issuing country, although usually a one-week visit is required for an oath-giving ceremony within the first five years after the citizenship was received. 


All of our migration programs include the following services: 


  • Consultation and recommendation on fitting immigration programs, according to the circumstances of each case.

  • Accumulation of required documents for the national visa and residency permit

  • Organization of authenticated translations (extra fee will apply)

  • Communication with consulates, embassies, and authorities.

  • Organization of appointments, status requests, problem resolution.

  • Coaching and guidelines for interviews with respective authorities.

  • Organization of required insurances for national visa and residency permit.

  • Registration with local authorities, personal support during visits to public authorities.

  • Ongoing support for the eventual obtainment of the requested residency permit.

Additional services, such as realtor- and concierge-services, can be booked with separate fees. Please note that you do need to visit the German embassies in your respective countries alone. If you require assistance, however, you can book our attendance with a separate fee. 

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